The Custom Wave Contact Lens System
Designing the Lenswave

The digitally acquired data map derived from the topographic image is transferred to the Wave Custom Contact Software. This software is then used to design a custom lens that follows the contour of your cornea. Furthermore, the contact lens can be configured to float on a layer of tears making it extremely comfortable. The back surface of the custom contact lens can be varied every ten microns (0.010 mm) allowing a lens to be designed for a variety of normal and abnormal conditions. The Wave lens is fabricated on the Optoform 40, a state-of-the-art robotic lathe. 

This is an example of a contact lens that can be designed using the Wave Custom Contact Lens software. This lens is characterized by not only correcting distance vision, but near and intermediate vision as well, using multivision optics.


Treating Corneal Pathology

Keratoconus is a genetic condition that results in the abnormal development of the cornea. The definitive treatment is a corneal transplant. However, using the Wave Contact Lens System, a contact lens can be designed to provide excellent vision and comfort in the early to moderate phases of this disease. Even patients with advanced keratoconus may be helped with this technology. Numerous other conditions that cause the cornea to have an abnormal surface configuration can also be treated with Custom Wave Contacts. Since glasses often do not work in these situations, only a custom contact can achieve an improvement in visual acuity.

The rings that are projected onto the cornea contain thousands of data points. These rings are then converted into a topographical map that undergoes further analysis. The red area in this example is the abnormal steepening associated with keratoconus, resulting in increased astigmatism and a marked decrease in vision.


Presbyopia and Multifocal Contact Lenses

In the early to mid-forties, everyone develops a near focusing problem called presbyopia (“old man-eye-ness” from the Greek presbus+ops). If you are myopic or near-sighted, you may be able to merely remove your glasses to read. However, for everyone else, the use of reading or bifocal glasses is required.

Our vision demands have increased considerably because we now require a variety of focusing points - distance, computer, reading and in actuality, all points in between. Using the Wave Contact Lens System, it is now possible to design multifocal contacts - contacts that provide the entire range of vision.

The Wave contact lenses are designed by Dr. Rubman after the corneal topography has been obtained. The parameters of the newly designed lens are then sent over the internet directly to the custom lathe. Highly oxygen-permeable material is used for multifocal contacts and corneas that have very irregular contours. Soft lens material often can be used for distance single vision correction.

Many previously unsuccessful contact lens wearers are now successful Wave lens users.


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