The Custom Wave Contact Lens

The Wave Contact Lens System, a state-of-the-art custom contact lens technology, is used to design the precise parameters of the Ortho-K Lens. No two fingerprints are identical and the same is true for your eyes, especially the cornea which has its own shape or topography just like a “fingerprint”.

The Scout Keratron is used by the Wave System to determine the exact curvature of your cornea. This instrument photographs the cornea while projecting a series of concentric data points on the corneal surface. Thousands of these data points are analyzed to create a topographical map of the cornea, capturing any variations that may be present.

The rings that are projected on your cornea are converted into a topographical map that undergoes further analysis.

An example of the topographical map that illustrates a small amount of normal astigmatism (the oblique bowtie configuration)

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