The Implantable Contact Lens


The STAAR Visian Implantable Contact Lens


The next step in the implantation procedure is placing the four haptics of the lens under the iris. This is accomplished by gently depressing these haptics with a specially designed instrument

Implantation of the STAAR Visian ICL is a planned two part procedure. Part one requires the use of the Y.A.G. Laser to make one or two very small openings (peripheral iridotomies) in the peripheral iris 90 degrees apart. These openings guard against possible elevation of intraocular pressure immediately following the implantation of the ICL

This Scheimpflug photograph shows the STAAR Visian ICL (yellow arrow) vaulting completely over the natural crystalline lens (red arrow).

For more information on the actual surgery, you can view the STAAR VISIAN ICL Video Consent here .

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