Near Vision Treatment Options

The Treatment Options

Currently, there is no perfect method to surgically re-establish your accommodation. However, there are some methods by which near vision can be achieved.

Monovision is the easiest method. If you are dominant in one eye, it is possible to correct your non-dominant eye for near, allowing you to read with this eye, and correct your dominant eye for distance. LASIK surgery can be used to achieve this. However, if you are currently not using contact lenses to achieve monovision, a contact lens trial is necessary first to determine whether you are capable of adapting to this optical state.

A non-surgical option to achieving excellent near vision is the use of disposable daily wear Soft Contact Lenses, Custom Wave Multifocal Contacts or Custom Accelerated Ortho-K. Multifocal contacts can be generated for almost any refraction; Ortho-K is limited to certain levels of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

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