Maxim Scleral Contact Lens

The Maxim scleral rigid gas permeable lens is a revolutionary new design in contact lenses that offers excellent acuity for both the normal and abnormal cornea. A soft lens feels comfortable because of its large size and the fact that it moves very little during blinking, not because of its soft material. Since the Maxim Lens is comparable in diameter to a soft lens and has minimal movement, it is also extremely comfortable; however, the Maxim Lens has many distinct advantages over a soft lens. It has a Dk value (measurement of oxygen transmissibility) of 147, higher than many soft contacts. And because it vaults over the cornea, there exists a fluid interface between the lens and the cornea that provides considerable comfort to anyone wearing this lens, particularly to those suffering from dry eyes.


The Maxim Lens provides a new refractive surface to the eye when the cornea has irregularities arising from pathology, such as keratoconus (below as shown by the red demarcated area) and pellucid marginal degeneration, as well as other conditions that alter its normal shape.


The DAC lathe, considered to have one of the most advanced technology for this modality, is used to robotically create each lens. Proprietary curves are generated on the back surface of the lens to achieve maximal comfort and fit, while the front surface is used for carving spherical and cylindrical powers (the refraction) to provide excellent acuity.


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